These two girls used to work in kitchens, where they were responsible for wasting massive amounts of perfectly edible food on a regular basis. Working in such a fast-paced environment, they witnessed how kitchen cooks and supervisors may easily become blind to what ends up in the trash.

The gravity of the problem became evident to them during their studies in hospitality management, and they witnessed an imbalance in food value, with some people having little and others having so much that they are oblivious to the impact of waste.

At a certain point, they discovered that if food waste is not monitored, it is even more difficult to minimize. This spurred the idea to create a fully automated system for measuring and analyzing food waste.

They are the co-founders of KITRO, a food-tech company with the mission to reduce food waste! As tech continues to evolve and becomes more fundamental in all aspects of life, we believe that it is critical to implement tech in the food industry to ensure sustainable growth, optimize processes, and feed continuous innovation.