Applications now open for The NORNS Awards 2022
Singapore, October 18, 2021 – Entries are now open for The NORNS Awards, which highlight excellence and innovation in all fields, and aim to foster cross-cultural recognition of efforts to collaborate in and between the various domains and industries.
If your company has designed a unique and innovative mobile app or website, or your department has overseen an original and successful social media marketing campaign, or your team has arranged a trend-setting event, for example, you can submit your nomination for a chance to be an award winner.
“We are looking for the above average, which could be an excellent new development, or a feature, service or product that no one else has, an exclusive,” a spokesman for The NORNS Awards said. “The idea is that the awards can set the stage for a network of connections between companies that offer excellence in various countries.”

Applications can be made via The NORNS Awards website ( and consultants are available for advice in several languages to help candidates choose the most suitable industry and category. Nominations can be received up to the end of April 2022 and the awards ceremony is planned for July next year. The earlier an application is submitted, the lower the fee.

Nominations will be assessed and winners will be selected by a team of judges made up of international professionals who are all experts in their fields, including company directors, managers, and brand strategists. Winners will receive a trophy during the ceremony, which all nominees can attend.

To mark the launch of The NORNS Awards, Special Awards are to be assigned by a special commission. More details can be found here.

The NORNS Awards program includes 20 categories:
Accomplishment​, Artistic & Creative, Customer Service, Entrepreneur, Events, Human Resources, Information Technology, Mobile Sites & Apps, Management, Marketing, New Products & Services Management, New Technology Solutions, Publication, Public Relations & Corporate Communications, Outstanding Results​, Other Support Teams, Video, Websites, Special Awards, Company of the Year.

International Awards and Luxury Events Pte Ltd is proud to organize and produce The NORNS Awards First Edition. Named after the goddesses in Norse mythology who shape human destiny, guardians of the world tree, this initiative started as a dream in the past, has turned into a reality in the present, and we hope it will last for a long time in the future.