Innovation, Social, and Inventiveness Take the Stage at the Norns Awards 2023

Lugano, Ticino Jun 19th, 2023 

It was the Hotel Splendide Royal in Lugano, Switzerland, that hosted the 2023 edition of The Norns Awards, organized by the International Awards & Luxury Events. Supported by Vertus Group, InPersona, Odee Digital Bank, and AgroEnergia as partners, and presented by Antonio Pagano and Cheryl Cote. The ceremony recognized startups and renowned companies for their sustainability, diversity and inclusion, research and technology, marketing, and creativity, as well as individuals and non-profits with their social projects.

The evening commenced with a dazzling opening act, featuring a captivating performance by Stella Manfredi, a virtuous professional violinist whose remarkable talent and unwavering dedication have solidified her reputation as one of the most outstanding musicians of her generation, and proceeded with the heartfelt words from Rina Chong, VP of Global Marketing of Vgeneration, and one of the judges, “Tonight we convene to celebrate these extraordinary companies and individuals to recognize their substantial impact,” proceeding to describe the profound significance of being recognized and rewarded, evoking a surge of emotions, leaving the audience visibly moved right from the very beginning.

The Special Awards were given to companies and personalities who have distinguished themselves in their professional fields, like Ai Innovation. 2023: Fei-Fei Li, Cultural Representation 2023: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Lifestyle Metaverse 2023: Gucci and Roblox, Positive Social Impact Businesswoman 2023: Anna Lisa Trulli, Chief Creative Officer 2023: Dora Osinde, Commitment to Animal Fare 2023: Stella McCartney Brand, Top Sustainability Brand Manager 2023: Marta Toppan, Empowering Youth Achievement 2023: Diapason Cooperative, Young Entrepreneurs 2023: Anastasia Hofmann and Naomi MacKenzie, Changing Lives: Social Impact 2023, Women Empowerment and Leadership 202: Sheryl Sandberg, Social Justice Advocate: Bryan Stevenson, Marketing and Branding Trailblazer 2023: Bozoma Saint John, Innovative Educational Project 2023: Daniele Cassioli, Best Latam Hr Influencer 2023: Andrea Greco; Changing Lives Social Impact 2023: Bia Diniz, and as Sustainability in the Fashion Industry 2023, Kering Group.

Among the awarded companies as Startups: AdaLab, AlveoliX, Ethics4Growth, IamHero, Planted, and Tcm Capital; Research and Technology: Avaya, Roche, Business Smart International, HG I Tech, PayHawk, and Rubyno.Studio. Olympus, Danone (Nutricia), Longi Solar, Renesas Electronics, Accenture, WishFully, MotorK, Infineon, and Cloudflare; Marketing & Creative: Ogilvy, Bankinter, Sioux & Cyranos, Atlassian, 3Bee, Pfanner, Publicis, Electrolux Foundation, Wirz, and LogiTravel; Diversity & Inclusion: Evodeaf, Bmw, University of St.Gallen, Deloitte, L’Oreal, Resolute Forest Products, and Genny Mobility; and Sustainability: Hitachi Energy, Ferrero, Grupo Bimbo, Siemens Healthineers, Volotea, Bat Italia, Kitro, and Tekla.

Mrs. Elisa Mattos, the Norns Awards co-founder; Ms. Rina Chong, VP of Global Marketing of Vgeneration; Mr. Ivano Labruna, Ceo di MioId; Mr. Roberto Marrazzo, Ceo di Agroenergia; and Mr. Michele Ficarra Manganelli, Founder & Director Swiss Blockchain Consortium delivered the Norns exclusive statues, everything under the coordination of Roberto Coppola and with Mr.Onofrio Brancaccio as the evening director.

New York was announced as The Norns Awards’ next location, celebrating remarkable achievements and inspiring individuals to pursue greatness and create a better future. Co-founder Elisa Mattos emphasized that greatness is within reach, inspiring attendees to embark on their own remarkable journeys.