Qatar will host the next edition of “The Norns Awards 2023”

Recognition of global leaders in innovation and sustainability

During the event, the 2023 headquarters in Doha in Qatar were announced and the awards for global leaders in innovation and sustainability were given to companies and international players in the fields of technology, art, fashion, innovation, and culture.

Among the awarded companies AB Inbev & OgyreAsus, Audi, Booking Holdings Inc., Cisco, Consorzio Lugana D.O.C., CrossHelmet, Delphina Hotels & Resorts, Dex Squared, Digital Tales, Digitall, Ei Talents Connection, Evercompounds, Everience, Farfetch, Gamindo, Gatebox, Gets Asia, Gruppo Distribuzione, Gulf Craft, Hitachi, Hipli, Infosys, Lmf, Lrp, Lyopay, Maison Passaro, MJN, Monta, Multiformat Hd, Ninja Vans, NP Digital, Pan Pacific,  Pearl Yachts, Polaris Farmaceutici, Protom, Qualitest, Resolute Fp, Sitel Group, Tazz By Emag, Techmahindra,  Tecno, Teleperformance, Turkish Airlines, Volvo Penta, e Wizz Air.

The Special Awards will go to personalities who have distinguished themselves in 
their professional fields. 

In the innovation industry the trophy will go to the founders of BioNTech Özlem
Türeci & Uğur Şahin, to the CEO of CrossHelmet Arata Oono, to the Chairman
 of Eastwest European Institute Giuseppe ScognamiglioEuronext CEO Stéphane 
BoujnahGatebox CEO Minori Takechi, HIPLI cofounders Léa Got and
 Anna-Sophie RaoultMexedia CEO and founder Orlando TaddeoMJN CEO
 David BlánquezNinja Vans founders Lai Chang WenTan Boxian & Shaun
 Chong, and to Protom’s founder Fabio De Felice.

In the world of the tourism, nautical, and fashion industries the Brand Manager of Delphina Hotels & Resorts Elena Muntoni, to the founder of Dex Squared
 Kevork Deldelian, to the president of Gulf Craft Mohammed AlShaali, to the
 artistic director of the Maison Passaro Pinella Passaro, to the Executive Director of
 Pan Pacific Hotels Group Wee Wei Ling and Pearl Yachts founder and  Margaret Whittaker OBE.

In the field of publishing and culture the founder of A&E Magazine Lara
 Mansour, to the Influencer Ahmad Imam, to the patron and founder of Tecno
 Giovanni Lombardi, to the president of Re D’Italia Art Marco Giordano, to the
 Co-Founder of NP Digital Neil Patel, to business strategy consultant and writer
 Roberto Race.

In the world of social commitment, inclusion, and diversity to the actress and
representative of no violence against women Paola Hadjilambri, to the founder of 
LMF Network Sonya Barlow, to the lawyer Marcia Rocha, to the entrepreneur and
 activist Maitê Schneider, to the founder of Frolla Jacopo Corona and to the economist and black lives matter activist Dirlene Silva.

During the evening the tribute to Italian fashion was very successful with the Special Award given to Pinella Passaro by actress Demetra Hampton.

The award ceremony, conducted by Dave Asher, was organized by the International Awards & Luxury Events with the support of the 1886 Agency and with the coordination of Laura Somma and Roberto Coppola, and in charge of the evening direction Onofrio Brancaccio.