the norn awards judges Tehseen Mannan  

Tehseen Mannan 

Studio Tehseen

“I don’t look myself as a fashion designer, I look myself as a developer of ideas”
Tehseen Mannan

The above line defines Tehseen Mannan so well who is a highly motivated, dynamic, and Avant-garde Creative professional, equipped with more than a decade of accomplishments in realizing the creative vision, initiating strategic concepts, and providing high impact marketable services in areas of Fashion, Textiles arts, and design.

A modern messenger of her cultural heritage, Tehseen launched her own sustainable fashion brand that has breathed new life into block printing and embroidery that date back thousands of years. Showcasing the finest of traditional Pakistani craftsmanship while incorporating contemporary innovation and style.  Her ensembles tell the stories which Pakistan’s culture and heritage have conveyed throughout the centuries.

Tehseen is a passionate Designer who wants to evoke people’s emotions and inspire people through her art and crafts