The Norns Awards 2022 continues to reward the excellence and innovation.

Singapore, April 26th, 2022 – International Awards & Luxury Events have announced the winners of the 2022 The NORNS Special Awards. Continuing our search, the 2022 The NORNS Special  Awards has sought out the leading lights of the business industry, looking for those whose creativity, commitment, experience and strong leadership has helped them achieve success in an increasingly challenging environment like in the last years.

Among the winners, Mrs. Margaret Whittaker Obe from Pearl Yachts, the Italian maecenas Giovanni Lombardi, Wee Wei Ling from the Pan Pacific, the young Jacopo Corona and his Biscottificio Frolla, Arata Oono from CrossHelmet, Elena Muntoni from Delphina Hotels and the friends  Lai Chang Wen, Tan Boxian & Shaun Chong and their NINJA VANS.

The commitment to innovation is the theme that binds the winners of the “Special Awards for Innovation” of The Norns Awards Closing date for nominations in this edition will be next April 30th.

The award as “Commitment to the Environment 2022” goes to ELENA MUNTONI and the “We are Green Project”, which represents a new way of seeing the hotel market: Not just unbridled earnings but a real commitment to the environment and the desire to offer an increasingly eco-sustainable holiday in Sardinia, Italy.

The award as “Innovative Product of 2022” goes to CrossHelmet represented by his CEO ARATA OONO. Not a simple helmet but the only dual-monitor HUD system in the market, the CrossHelmet’s bifocal display projects a crisp and clear image in even the worst lighting conditions providing safety to riders. Japan

The award as “Social Entrepreneur of the year 2022” goes to JACOPO CORONA and his Biscottificio Frolla – as per his words: Only from the tenacity of a dream can great realities be born, like that of a biscuit that creates the future“. Jacopo and Frolla are a reality that is giving hope to special people every single day. Italy

The award as “Fastest-growing Start-up of the year 2022” goes to Lai Chang Wen, Tan Boxian & Shaun Chong and their NINJA VANS. A thriving startup in the logistics space and became the Southeast Asia largest and fastest-growing logistics startup specialising in express e-commerce delivery. Singapore

The award as “Business Woman in the Yachting Industry 2022” goes to MARGARET WHITTAKER OBE for her vision, belief and persistence that enabled her company Pearl Yachts to become one of the most respected brands in the yachting industry. United Kingdom

The award as “Green Tourism 2022” goes to WEE WEI LING because Pan Pacific has become a model of sustainability in the world of tourism on a global level. Singapore

The award as “Art Sponsor and Maecenas 2002” goes to GIOVANNI LOMBARDI for his commitment to the restoration of artistic works in Italy.