The Norns Awards 2022 rewards the excellence and innovation

Singapore, April 14, 2022 – Every year, THE NORNS Awards honors one or more individuals who have distinguished themselves by making a significant and lasting contribution to the world of innovation.

Among the winners, the founders of BioNTech Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin, Euronext CEO Stéphane Boujnah, Ahmad Imam International Influencer, Gulf Craft Chairman Mohammed Al Shaali, entrepreneur and activist Maitê Schneider, MJN CEO David Blánquez, Airtime founder and CEO Orlando Taddeo, entrepreneur and lawyer Marcia Rocha.

Taddeo, entrepreneur and lawyer Marcia Rocha. 

The commitment to innovation is the theme that binds the winners of the “Special Awards for Innovation” of The Norns Awards Closing date for nominations in this edition will be next April 30th.

COVID Fighters 2022” goes to ÖZLEM TÜRECI & UĞUR ŞAHIN “for their vision and tirelessness research in the advancement and the development of the first mRNA vaccine against COVID-19, born from cancer research that saved millions of lives all over the world”. (Germany)

next year. The earlier an application is submitted, the lower the fee.

Most Dynamic Stock Exchange in the World 2022goes to EURONEXT CEO Mr. STÉPHANE BOUJNAH “For the complex acquisitions made in recent years which have seen the creation of the main European market infrastructure. Euronext is today the reference stock exchange venue for the growth of European companies”. (France)

Middle East Entrepreneur 2022” goes to MOHAMMED AL SHAALI  “For his longstanding vision and for his remarkable contributions to the world’s leisure marine industry in the Middle East over the last forty years. Gulf Craft celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2022, and Mr. Alshaali contributed to create sustainable growth for the maritime industry and led Gulf Craft to become a key pillar of the manufacturing industry”. (UAE)

International Influencer of the Year 2022” goes to AHMAD IMAM “For his extraordinary work in inspiring and empowering professionals to live their best lives and for using his global influence to make a positive impact both online and offline”. (Australia)

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Diversity and Inclusion Hero 2022 goes to MAITÊ SCHNEIDER “For the struggles and achievements in the field of Diversity and Inclusion, and supporting projects aimed at NON-discriminating the presence of LGBTQAI+ people in the business environment”. (Brazil)

AI Wearable Health Device 2022” goes to DAVID BLÁNQUEZ “For making a personal need become an amazing wearable and innovative project with a social impact”. (Spain)

“Best Listed Company in 2022” goes to ORLANDO TADDEO “For the relevance given to sustainable technological innovation, an approach that anticipates the future, and projects the company into modernity, proposing itself as a reference point in the Tech sector and aspiring to a role as protagonist in the next years”. (Italy)

Innovative HR Project 2022” goes to MARCIA ROCHA “For being the founder of Transempregos, a unique platform to offer jobs and prepare the business world to deal with trans people, because in 2022 prejudice still prevents them from developing and contributing to society”. (Brazil)

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