The 2023 NORNS AWARDS announce the additional Special Awards recipients:Fei-Fei Li, Gucci Garden and Roblox, Bia Diniz, Dora Osinde, Marta Toppan, Anastasia Hofmann & Naomi MacKenzie, Anna Lisa Trulli, Kering, Stella McCartney Brand, and Diapason.

Lugano, Ticino Jun 19, 2023  – The Norns Awards, the prestigious international recognition that celebrates excellence and innovation, is pleased to announce its next edition to be held at the Hotel Splendide Royal in Lugano, Switzerland on June 23, 2023. 

Organised by the International Awards & Luxury Events and supported by VERTUS GROUP, InPERSONA,  ODEE Digital Bank and AGROENERGIA, the event will bring together professionals from all over the world and was created to recognize the best practices and innovations that are redefining the future of various economic sectors.

“The NORNS Special Awards recognize exceptional individuals and organisations that have made extraordinary contributions and achievements in their respective fields. These awards celebrate the visionaries, innovators, and change-makers who are shaping the future and inspiring others with their remarkable work….. “, said Elisa Mattos, co-founder of the award. We are pleased to announce the Special Awards recipients:

AI INNOVATION 2023 – Fei-Fei Li –  a renowned AI researcher and advocate for ethical AI, is being honoured for her groundbreaking contributions to the field and her efforts to ensure inclusivity and fairness in artificial intelligence.

CULTURAL REPRESENTATION 2023 – Lin-Manuel Miranda – a celebrated artist and activist, is recognized for his exceptional artistic achievements and his commitment to promoting social change through his work, using the power of storytelling to inspire and unite communities.

LIFESTYLE METAVERSE 2023 – Gucci and Roblox –  for their collaboration in creating a groundbreaking project that merges luxury and the metaverse. Gucci is recognized for its commitment to sustainability and inclusivity, while Roblox is acknowledged for its transformative impact on creativity and community-building. Together, they have created an immersive experience that goes beyond virtual spaces, offering users a unique and interactive journey. This collaboration showcases the convergence of luxury and technology, shaping the future of digital experiences..

POSITIVE SOCIAL IMPACT BUSINESSWOMAN 2023 – Anna Lisa Trulli – Anna Lisa Trulli’s commitment to the Mexedia Benefit Unit is the last step in a long journey of social commitment. After graduating in law from the Alma Mater University of Bologna, she completed her studies in European law and obtained the qualification of family mediator. After a master’s degree in business and company law, she became Legal and Compliance at Mexedia S.p.a. SB and Benefit Unit Officer. This award recognizes her work to serve minorities, women, families, and children.

CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER 2023 – Dora Osinde – is a pop culture expert and Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy, a global advertising, marketing, and public relations agency. She has a finger on the pulse of the times and is always one step ahead, inspiring communities with strong campaigns. She is also a Diversity and Inclusion Board Member in the Art Directors Club Germany.

COMMITMENT TO ANIMAL WELFARE 2023 – Stella McCartney Brand – As a luxury fashion brand, Stella McCartney has long been a champion of sustainable and ethical practices. The brand avoids using animal-derived materials, sources sustainable fabrics and promotes transparency in its supply chain. Stella McCartney actively advocates for sustainable fashion industry-wide.

TOP SUSTAINABILITY BRAND MANAGER 2023 – Marta Toppan –  receives this recognition for her visionary leadership, contribution to the environmental sector through Open Innovation, and efforts to drive positive change. She has also contributed to advancing environmental sustainability through the establishment of

EMPOWERING YOUTH ACHIEVEMENT 2023 – Diapason Cooperative – “Educate children so that there is no need to punish adults.” Pythagoras. This is the main reason we decided to award this association. Diapason is a cooperative that operates on various fronts: minors and families, citizens and the territory, interventions in schools, disabilities and the elderly, adolescents and young people, and social services.

YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS 2023 – Anastasia Hofmann & Naomi MacKenzie – Two girls witnessed an imbalance in food value, leading them to create KITRO, a food-tech company with the mission to reduce food waste. They believe tech is essential for sustainable growth, optimization processes, and innovation in the food industry.

CHANGING LIVES SOCIAL IMPACT 2023 – Bia Diniz, an extraordinary social activist, receives recognition for her passionate dedication to improving the lives of others through her initiative “Cruzando Histórias,” which has made a significant impact by providing assistance and support to those in need.

SUSTAINABILITY IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY 2023 – KERING Group – Being widely recognized for its comprehensive sustainability program and commitment to environmental and social responsibility. The company has set ambitious targets, promotes sustainable practices throughout its supply chain, and actively collaborates with stakeholders to drive positive change.

The Norns Awards focus also on five business categories, representing the key aspects of companies that stand out for excellence and innovation. Startups, Research & Technology, Marketing & Creative, Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability, and the recognitions go to:

Startups: AdaLab, AlveoliX, Ethics4Growth, IamHero, Planted, and TCM Capital.

Research & Technology: AVAYA, Roche, Business Smart International, HG I Tech, PayHawk,  Rubyno.Studio, Olympus, Danone (Nutricia), Longi Solar, Renesas Electronics, Accenture, WishFully, MotorK, Infineon and Cloudflare.

Marketing & Creative: Ogilvy, Bankinter, Sioux & Cyranos, ATLASSIAN, 3Bee, Pfanner, Publicis, Electrolux Foundation, Wirz and LogiTravel.

Diversity & Inclusion: Evodeaf, BMW, University of St.Gallen, Deloitte, L’Oreal, Resolute Forest Products, and Genny Mobility.

Sustainability: Hitachi Energy, Ferrero, Grupo BIMBO, Siemens Healthineers, Volotea, BAT ITALY, Kitro, and Tekla.