The NORNS Awards Is Calling For Entries!

International Awards & Luxury Events invites companies globally to enter the 2023 Edition of The NORNS Awards.

Singapore – November 15th, 2022 – The inaugural year of The NORNS Awards 2023, which recognizes excellence and innovation worldwide, opens TODAY for submissions from companies globally. 

The NORNS continues to be the most innovative awards program that recognizes, celebrates, and honors excellence and innovation, across all business sectors, as well as exceptional people through its Special Award. 

“After the positive feedback we have received not only from the participating companies, or from the incredible people we presented to the world, but also from our sponsors, and professionals who were present at our event in Rome, we are sure that we are on the right path,” said Elisa Mattos, co-founder of the award.

The NORNS Awards will keep the same goals, adding an important feature: simplicity. We have made some changes and better organized the categories and subcategories to make the whole sign-up process even more accessible. 

As for how the works will be evaluated, as stated on our site, they will be judged in two rounds, the first consisting of a team of experts, and the second by VIP judges. 

The winners will be awarded a wonderful trophy with the silhouette of the goddess norn: a Golden, Silver, or Bronze trophy for the business award categories, while the “Special Award” individuals got a wonderful Platinum trophy.

We have introduced Airline Industry, Community Initiatives, Diversity & Inclusion, Food & Beverage, Healthcare Innovation, Motor Industry, and Sustainability categories in response to our participants’ suggestions hoping that our sixteen categories total will keep celebrating efforts and achievements in any industry worldwide.  

The NORNS Awards board has decided to not organize its next edition in Doha after the comments by a Qatar World Cup ambassador Khalid Salman, who described homosexuality as “damage in the mind” in an interview with German television. “We have long recognized that diversity is vital to our lives, and creates a more fair and inclusive society, we could not proceed with Doha after such declaration”.

The Norns Awards

Inspired by equality, inclusion, diversity, simplicity, transparency, and fairness, The NORNS Awards aims to
 promote and deliver Special Awards and Business Awards in the most varied categories: from Airline to Motor, from Diversity & Inclusion to Sustainability through Innovation and Healthcare. International Awards & Luxury Events wants to contribute to the international recognition of these leaders. We believe in awards as a tool to lay the foundations for a network of connections between companies of a level of excellence and innovation in various countries, and that supporting new ideas is the most powerful way to spread the values of creativity, technology, and sustainability, and values that have not only an economic but also a social impact.